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(above)This is Dash. After many hours of approaching him with treats and tender voices, he finally surrendered himself to us in the middle of a field. He was defeated, tired, and alone. The only thing he could do was give in. We are sure he had no idea of what was going to happen to him.

 Becki Sheets-Klinger took these wonderful pictures while the pups were lounging in the cow pasture.. 


We laid with him in the rain until he was ready to move with us. We love him.. He is a wonderful dog, still very leary of people. He has tested Heartworm negative and been neutered and completely vetted. He will be in his loving foster home until he is ready to go to his forever home. Dash... we will never give up on you. We will wait until you are ready... again. Until then, you are safe and have a home filled with other playmates (dogs). Every single day we get calls for animals that need help. The only way we can offer them our help is with YOUR help. Please donate whatever you can. We know times are tough. PLEASE realize that every bit counts!!!!

Thanks to Sober Brothers, Evans and Associates, and Jackie Bowhan (and his happy cows). Most of our time was spent on private property. These people were very understanding and allowed us unlimited access. Also, thank you to John Gerian with Blackwell Animal Control for loaning us his trap. Although we were not able to catch Dash with this..we did manage to catch a hungry possom. Oh and cannot forget Daniel Hoach for his patience and help getting this pup from the middle of Goof Field into the car. We never could have carried him all that way!

Click here for sweet video of when Dash first meets Neva...a dog he had seen from afar numerous times as we were out 'scouting' for him.

Other animals we are currently treating,training, and loving. They are up for adoption OR will be soon.
neva before and after
Teila Before and After
Roo Before and After
 thanks so much
The Marlins. (Joy, Denny, and Deke) the forever family to our previous foster angel...Allie. Thank you!!
Becki Sheets-Klinger. Thank you Becki for the donation and for coming out to the 'fields' with us. :)
Mika Holtzinger Art
We appreciate the donation! Your talent is inspiring :)
Nancy Moore- Because of you, I met Dash...Thank you for also supporting us!

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