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 Please understand that few things are more traumatic to an animal than to lose it's family. If you arehomeless dog have to 'get rid' of your dog for one reason or another, please do your best to make sure that he/she finds a wonderful new home. We get many calls everyday with reasons why families must give up their pets. We cannot help them all. If your pet ends up in a shelter, there is a good chance that it will not make it out alive. If you 'dump' your pet in the country, there is a good chance that your pet will NOT survive. Farmers get animals dumped on them everyday and sometimes they feel it is more humane to shoot an animal that for it to suffer in the elements (other wild animals, traffic, weather, food). These people have pets of their own.                         

Don't put your pet through this horrible ordeal.Still not convinced?


Find your pet a home.... Do not be CRUEL.

There are options.  Try to keep your pet with you.  Pets are sometimes not easy, but if you work at it..... you could end up with the 'perfect family member'.  Almost all of the animals that come into our program have baggage.  This baggage sorts itself out after some training, time and patience. 

If we are unable to place your pet in one of our foster homes..please find them a home yourself...this link will help.... http://www.petrescue.com/petlibrary/

If you can wait for a home to be found for your pet and are willing to follow our rescue policies, we can list your pet as a *courtesy listing* 

If we do have room in one of our foster homes 

**********SORRY WE ARE CURRENTLY FULL**********

Please send us a digital photograph of the pet if you can.  Please include a detailed explanation of why you need to give up your pet.  We will need to know if your pet is already altered (spayed or neutered), if he/she is current on their vaccinations, and if there are any medical concerns.  Please be sure to include information about the pet's overall temperament and how it is around other animals or children.  We need you to be honest about any concerns.  We will find them out eventually and this will save a lot of valuable time.  If we are aware of what we need to work on, we can begin immediately.

PAWFirst requires that all pets surrendered to us are spayed or neutered (you can also choose to let us do this for you..the cost is $50).  Please provide us with any medical records you may have.  We do require that you have your dog test negative for heartworms prior to admittance into our foster program.  Once in our foster program, your pet is protected for life.  We will make sure that your pet is placed in a home that is 'a perfect match' for them.  We will keep in contact with the adopters to ensure that their situation does not change.  We screen very thoroughly and feel confident in each of our adoptions. 




DHLPP shots UTD,Rabies UTD,

Heartworm Test (Negative),

Fecal Test Results



FELV and FIV tested, Wormed,

Vaccinations UTD




<6 months      

Puppy vaccinations UTD,

Fecal Test Results



<6 months    

FELV and FIV tested, Wormed,

Vaccinations UTD



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