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October 15,2014

This girl is doing WONDERFUL. Her family says she is the BEST dog in the ENTIRE world!


October 19,2011

Some wonderful people helped chip in towards this girl's care.... she is on the road to recovery!! YES...finally, this pup will soon know what it feels like to walk withOUT hurting. Our rescue struggles enough with 'routine' care. A special case like this is completely out of our reach without the generous help of kind hearted people.  


Mika Holtzinger http://www.mikaholtzinger.com/   

The Marlin Family- Joy,Denny,Deacon,and Allie  

Nancy Moore     

Linda Ward     

Heather Buhl    

    Libby English        


Pictures after her surgery   

wmdogenlarged    wmdog2     wmdogafter surgery  


Since this girl was forced to live on her own for so long, it was no surprise that she started trying to remove the staples holding her leg together. I am sure there was many times she picked 'foreign objects' off her. Survival mode kicks in. Well....now she gets to wear the cone until she heals up abit. A small price to pay for future comfort!   



  A dog in a drainage ditch in desperate need of help

 October 11, 2011

tb6   tb7       



This young girl (approximately 10 months old) has been leading a horribly painful life. She had been hanging out in a drainage ditch between Taco Bell and Walmart. The ditch goes under the road. People had tried to lure her to them with food but she was definitely in survival mode and having a hard time trusting anyone. I, personally, tried a couple times to get her. An employee at Taco Bell had been feeding her steak everyday and still could not get close enough to pet her. It took a little chihuahua and a girl named Bekah to finally relax her so that she would surrender. Every since that first touch, she has been nothing but super sweet. We knew she had a pretty bad limp the whole time but was assuming it was strained from her travels.               

  We were wrong.

She has a fractured leg and it looks pretty bad.

tb9 tbxray

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